A professional and free management tool for your company



ContaSol combines many essential features in one single interface, making it a must-have application.

It has a simple interface with an attractive and intuitive design. Besides that, it includes almost all the fields you might need to keep track of your company's finances. If you consider that it is a completely free program, ContaSol becomes the ideal manager for your company.

It's fast and gives answers quickly. ContaSol lets you register more than one company and do the accounting for each one at the same time. It's also a multi-tasking application, with which you can even control who can use it and save reports with an Excel extension.

It also includes tools to keep the book entries, balances, losses and profits, budgets, and inventory, as well as search by concept and amount, create statistics, and print official Excel templates, etc.

ContaSol also has other great features, too, such as a calendar, calculator, address book, etc.